Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Celia Cruz

Somebody asked so here it is, the title poem (sort of) to my new manuscript, Celia Cruz fue la voz tropical and Other Poems

Celia Cruz fue la voz tropical en mis sueños

in a dream once
the band arrived in New York
tired, out of sorts
a long road trip
bad weather, bad clubs, bad food
a bus that kept on breaking down
no one wants to play this night
except her
she sings
she always wants to sing
scent of sugar and sweat
of lips, fields, waist, sun
with a voice so like fire
everyone who hears it
wants to make love
and make love the most with her
I am everyone
from the nightclub floor
she points
and in sleep and dream
I follow
oye amor
the band plays, she sings
oye amor
I follow


jesse said...

Beautiful. You can really feel what's going on, and the pacing is almost perfect, though the end is a little long, but I normally like long beginnings and short endings, so that's just me...

Mark Statman said...

Thanks Jesse. That's a terrific comment. The end if long because it all comes in a dream.

Nicole Callihan said...

I actually love the end. I love the moment when it turns with "I am everyone" and goes from there. Makes me feel like I'm dancing with my eyes closed.

Mark Statman said...

Thanks, Nicole. I really appreciate that.