Thursday, November 29, 2007

Another Poem from Celia Cruz


habia un milagro, she said,
a miracle
but in such a quiet voice
you had to ask her
to say it again
which she did
she didn’t like it like that
a voces (loud)
it didn’t seem as true anymore
she looked at you
it seemed just then
she must hate you
must hate anyone like you
she pointed down the road
curving, dusty
she said it was the way to the ruins
you didn’t know
if you wanted to go
you already knew
you wouldn’t see what she had


jesse said...

Great poem! The lines "curving, dusty" and "the way to the ruins" really give a great mood to it. I love the mystery element.

Mary said...

Hi Mark. Really nice poem! I wanted to send you some info about the NewsHour series on poetry--and want to get the Lorca translation to our friend Jeff Brown (former Park Sloper), who is doing the series. HEre's a link.


PS This is my first blogging ever

Mark Statman said...

Hi Mary, I'm glad that my blog is your entry to the blog world, a dark and mysterious place full of wit and meaning.
Thanks for the comment on the poem!