Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lazy day/Super Bowl Pick

Big news that we missed the snow. Saw that DC did not. The dog was sad. My back was not. Something about shoveling.

Wrote a little. Read the paper. What will Toyota do? The energized Obama? The depressing because paid attention to Sarah Palin?

Super Bowl pick: Indianapolis 38, New Orleans 27

It comes down to this: both teams are matched fairly well. Give the edge to the Colts on defense, even with Freeney's injury. Special teams go to New Orleans. Offense, you could say they are evenly matched but as good as Brees has been this season, Manning runs the two minute drill for the whole game. Forget the Colts' lack of a running game. A pass from Peyton is as good as a hand-off and he has all the targets he needs.




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