Sunday, April 12, 2009

still buzzed

So I'm still feeling quite good about the news from Hanging Loose and will have more news soon as things move forward. Of course this gets me kicking in the sense that now I want to make the Hinojosa work go faster but I can't because school is taking up so much time. Which it obviously should except this is more than usual because we've been in the fall registration period (meeting with advisees) and I'll be teaching/directing our Writing Fellows program for the fall and spring which meant meeting with all the nominees (all top flight) to work out their fall and spring cohorts and assignments (still early in that stage).

Got off the panel proposal for ALTA in Pasadena in November. The idea is one of poets who have been lost from translation. Pablo on Padilla, Stephen Kessler on Aleixandre, Don Bogen on Bobrowski, and me on Hinojosa. Should know in a month or so if it's accepted.

Not writing much lately, but thinking a lot which is a good sign (as opposed to?).

But here is a poem for anyone out there from Hinojosa.




To peck above my cold palm,
the fluttering stars come down
and the Great Bear will never be white,
because it has forgotten its mimetic passion.

The blackened women who live in my house
have placed white-washed drapes
to erase the holes of my footprints.
Alone they have appeared from my boat sails.

Meanwhile, on a balcony of early frost,
I look over the curved horizon,
I see the smoke of London arrive,
born yellow in the chimneys
and, now white with age, it calls me in great voices
and asks with a hermit’s gesture
for the path to the North Pole.

Shrugging my shoulders turned to mist,
I give it the gift of Morse Code.

(from La Rosa de los Vientos)

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