Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Advanced Learning Lab at NYU Child Study Center

So hard to break though the google noise they create for themselves.

Better at politics than helping kids, Oh boy, And look who is on the board!

As if they care about the kids. Well they are very good at collecting the money (no doubt shaming my father, an NYU graduate).

Good luck to all. We've found the school for our son and thank God it has nothing to do with their uninformed work. He may have lost an academic year but not his academic and social life, after they shut the program down and we were smart enough to get out, before they resumed with their outmoded behavioral models and their surprisingly inadequate staff.

For those who need more info, feel free to contact me. If you want to hear how nice things will be, contact them, but I can tell you who they won't let you speak with because those people don't count anymore, even though they were the ones who came up with the idea. Call Glenn Hirsch or Harold Koplewicz--they are behind the disaster.



Jesse said...

Going back to some previous topics you've had, I can easily relate the ALL school's mentality to Lorca's surreal vision of New York. Six stockbrokers replaced with six ALL students -- thank god that tragedy never occurred. The heart went out alone -- being in the break room alone with almost no working light source and no fresh air. Under the multiplications, a drop of duck's blood -- The hidden undertones of everything said at ALL. I'd also like to point out that as some of us know, there used to be three doors in and out of the "school". They tore down one, and put a wall in front of it, and put a sign in front of the second which read "Don't open this door, ever". And last time I walked by there, the door was open. How does anyone breathe in there with no doors open?

Mark Statman said...

Lorca's Poet in New York from which you quote has been compared to Dante's Inferno and Eliot's The Wasteland, and clearly the Advanced Learning Lab was both inferno and wasteland. The movie parody (see previous post) clearly demonstrates this. It reflects, too,, on the overall vision of the people who run the NYU Child Study Center, how their ransom note campaign was designed to scare parents and children. Recovering your childhood through fear. What a great idea!